Trends is FREE to all North Shore Bank customers that are enrolled in Online Banking. Trends allows you to collect your account data from other financial institutions, credit cards, investment accounts, mortgage, and insurance accounts into one place.
  • Get a complete view of your finances by linking all of your financial accounts, even those outside of North Shore Bank – over 18,000 financial sources are supported
  • View transaction data from all of the accounts you have brought into Trends
  • Analyze earnings and spending patterns of your income, expenses, and cash flow
  • Build a budget in minutes and automatically track spending for each category
  • Monitor and track the status of your goals and savings targets
  • Customize and get alerts when you are approaching your spending limit in budgeted categories
  • Track your investments that may be held at brokerage firms

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  • Once you have enrolled in Online Banking, you will have access to Trends
  • Click on the Trends tab
  • For the first time accessing Trends only, you will be required to re-enter your online banking username and password

Learn more about enrolling in Online Banking.

Frequently Asked Questions