Supporting your Local Community

There are plenty of things everyone can do to help support their local community.
Here are five of our tips:

1) Buy from local businesses.
When you support a small business, you’re supporting your city. Businesses pay sales tax to the city and county that they are located within. By spending locally, your money gets recirculated within your community.

Additionally, local businesses provide local jobs. The more a small business succeeds and grows, the more potential job opportunities they could provide – for your family, friends and neighbors!
Lastly, small business owners often strive to provide the best hands-on, quality customer service to remain competitive with large corporations. You might even meet and get to know the business owner and their own employees!

2) Use your voice to amplify local organizations.
Write a nice review for your favorite shop or restaurant, share an organizations’ posts on social media, or give recommendations to friends and family. Showing your support with a simple shout-out is completely free – and much appreciated!

3) Donate to a local charity.
Just as you budget for things you need and want, you can set aside a portion of your income to donate to charity. You can decide how much that should be, depending on your other expenses and how strongly you feel about giving. If you earmark some of your income for charity when creating your budget, you're more likely to have the money available to make your donation.

Your primary motivation may be altruism, but everyone knows there are great tax benefits for those who give. A donation to a qualified organization may entitle you to a charitable contribution deduction. Remember a contribution to a qualified charity is deductible only in the year in which it is paid, and all charities do not qualify for a charitable contribution deduction. Always ask for a receipt and save them for tax time.

Reminder: If someone asks you to donate money—in person, by phone, or online—take a closer look before you give. You might go to the organization's website or see what you can find out by typing the charity's name into a search engine. You can also check to see a list of recognized charities that you can trust to use your donation for the right purpose.
4) Volunteer your time and/or talents.
Many nonprofits have small staffs and depend on volunteers to deliver their services and fulfill their mission. You might volunteer to work in a food or clothing drive to help out the victims of a natural disaster. Or you might volunteer to make a cake for a local bake sale or wash cars to raise money for a school event. During weekends and holidays, you might also volunteer your time in a soup kitchen or at institutions that provide meals for those who would otherwise go hungry.
5) Lastly, be kind.
Look for opportunities – big and small – in your community to offer help to others and lend your support. Perform good deeds to lift your neighbor’s spirits.
North Shore Bank is a community-minded bank. It’s at the heart of what we do.
Our Bank on Kindness® initiative finds meaningful, fun, and special ways throughout the year to carry out acts of kindness from The Bank of You.

Whether our kindness crews are dropping off flowers to seniors or “thank yous” to teachers, firefighters, or volunteers, helping to pay for someone’s groceries or gas, or contributing funds to fill pantry shelves; we are happy to support the spread of kindness where we live and work.
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