Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to recurring payments when I get a new debit card?

When you are issued a new debit card, you’ll need to update the expiration date and CVC wherever you have your debit card saved for payments, on file with online retailers, within your digital wallet, or for subscriptions.

You can review your monthly checking statement to identify your debit card payments. Or access Card Manager within the Mobile App or Online Banking to see where your card is used for recurring payments or where you have it saved as a Card on File.

Also remember to update your card information in your digital wallet on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

If you are activating a new North Shore Bank Platinum Debit Mastercard, pay your monthly cellular bill with your Platinum Debit Card, and you’re automatically covered for up to $600 ($1,000 annually), at no additional cost, if your phone is stolen or damaged (coverage applies to all phones on your monthly plan/bill).


Frequently Asked Questions