Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in and use Bill Discovery?

Bill Discovery will automatically connect you with your eligible bills by searching the biller database and if you consent, your credit bureau data. Once the bills are located, you can add them to your list of bills in one click. Bill Discovery greatly reduces the time it takes to set up Bill Pay and reduces the chance of manual input errors.

Bill Discovery will continually search for new bills and alert you if new bills have been found.

Bill Discovery is available in both Online Banking and the Mobile App.

The following are screenshots of how you can set up and use this feature.

You first must consent to have your bills be found through the biller database and your credit bureau data. If you wish to have your credit data used, it is a soft inquiry and your credit score will not be impacted.

 Screenshot: Bill Discovery Setup Step 1

Once you provide consent and click Find My Bills, you will be presented with a page of potential payees.

 Screenshot: Bill Discovery Setup Step 2

If biller(s) require additional verification upon selecting the biller, you will be provided with the additional verification fields.  If the biller does not require any verification then you can add those directly by clicking the Add button.

 Screenshot: Bill Discovery Setup Step 3

If you are not yet using Bill Discovery, you may see the following banner ad to begin using the feature.

 Screenshot: Bill Discovery Setup Step 4

After initial entry into Bill Discovery, new billers found among billers from the biller network or in your credit report will appear in the top, right area of your window.  When clicking “Get My Bills”, you will be walked through the process of adding your bills in the same manner as the initial setup.

 Screenshot: Bill Discovery Setup Step 5