Frequently Asked Questions

Which Mortgage Loan is the Best: Adjustable or Fixed Rate?

We offer both fixed and adjustable rate loans, as you’ll see on our mortgage rates page. While some of the differences between the two loan types can be complicated, these simple points of comparison can give you a better idea of your options.

A fixed rate mortgage might be better if you:

  • Prefer the peace of mind that comes with one locked-in interest rate and monthly payment 
  • Plan on staying in your home for many years 
  • Are near the peak of your earning potential or don’t want to risk taking on a larger monthly payment in the future

An adjustable rate mortgage might be better if you:

  • Prefer a lower upfront rate or wish to qualify for a larger mortgage 
  • Plan on selling or refinancing your home in just a few years 
  • Expect your earning potential or financial worth to increase by the time your monthly payments increase

Your personal preferences can offer important clues to the best choice. Contact our loan professionals today or call 877-672-2265 to schedule an appointment at no obligation.


Frequently Asked Questions