Below are some helpful tips to remember when thinking about your financial security.
  1. Never give your PIN (Personal Identification Number), password, or one-time passcode to anyone
  2. Look for and click on the "lock" icon on a Web site's status bar-this denotes a secure Web site page
  3. When making an online purchase with your debit or credit card, make sure you know and can verify the vendor
  4. Choose a PIN that cannot be found in your wallet; don't use your social security or phone number
  5. Don't write your PIN on your debit card
  6. Do not respond to e-mail or telephone solicitations asking for account information
  7. Choose passwords wisely; mix alpha and numeric characters, the more characters the longer it takes to crack
  8. Avoid accessing online banking through a public computer, where a malicious user may have installed a keystroke logging device
  9. Do not use an ATM that looks like it's been tampered with or is broken
  10. Be wary of people or businesses who solicit you with offers of investment ventures

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