1. Open your North Shore Bank account

Visit any North Shore Bank office or open your new account online now.

2. Stop using your old account

We'll be happy to safely destroy your old ATM and debit cards. We'll even pay you for your old unused bank checks—5¢ each up to $10.

3. Move your direct deposits

To move direct deposits from an employer, download and complete the direct deposit form, include a voided deposit slip or check from your new account and deliver it to your company's Human Resources or Payroll Department.

For a government direct deposit, mail the direct deposit form to the appropriate government agency. For Social Security deposits, call 800-772-1213 to complete the change over the phone.

4. Move your automatic payments

Download and send the completed automatic withdrawal form to each vendor.

5. Close your old account(s)

To do this, you don't even need to go to your old bank. Just download and send this completed
closing form to your old bank. If there is an outstanding balance, they will mail you a check.

Additional information:

  • The North Shore Bank "routing number” is 275071356.
  • Locate account numbers and mailing addresses for companies where you have an automatic withdrawal set up. This information can be found on statements from the company or on their website.
  • Remember, you need to deposit enough money in your new account to cover all automatic transactions coming due. However, be sure to keep your old account open for a while to allow all outstanding transactions to clear your account. It could take up to two months for some companies to change the automatic transactions.
  • Watch your new account to see when each of the automatic transactions appears. Many customers prefer to use Online Banking so they can easily check their account to verify activity. Sign up today!

SwitchMate forms to download:

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