Get your credit score and more with My Credit Score, a free resource for you to better access and improve your credit score. Enrolling is easy through our Mobile App or Online Banking.

What are the Benefits of My Credit Score?

Credit Score Monitoring

  • See your score any time you log into the Mobile App or Online Banking. You can refresh your score every 24 hours and your profile will automatically refresh every 7 days
  • Instant access to the factors impacting your credit score
  • Track real-time credit monitoring alerts
  • Dispute errors on your credit from the Credit Report page to file a dispute directly with TransUnion
  • Get unlimited full credit report access

Financial Wellness

  • Education to help demystify how your credit score is calculated
  • Receive tips to protect your credit worthiness
  • Use simulators to see how your activity impacts your credit score
  • Get access to more financial literary resources

Why it's Important to Monitor Your Credit

At North Shore Bank, your financial success is our goal. Recent reports show that more than one-third of consumers have found at least one error on their credit report. Errors on credit reports are not uncommon, so staying up to date and reviewing your credit report is a must. Common errors on credit reports include personal information like a wrong name or address or account information like an account you do not recognize. It is important to correct errors to ensure they don’t negatively impact your credit score.

About My Credit Score

My Credit Score uses a “soft inquiry” when checking credit scores which does not affect your credit score.

You can manage the credit alerts, monthly notices, and general messages you receive from Savvy Money, North Shore Bank’s partner that provides My Credit Score. You can also manage your email notifications to match your preferences.

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My Credit Score

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Log In Log into your account and choose the
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