Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my personal Online Banking account to Quicken?

  1. Launch Quicken and select the option to add a new Checking/Savings account.

  2. In the search field provided, type in “North Shore Bank”. You will see multiple results returned. Be sure to select “North Shore Bank – WI” and select Continue.

  3. You will now be promoted to log into your bank’s website, download a file of transactions, and place that file into the Quicken setup window. Perform these steps and select  Continue. Please note that you will need to export/download a .QFX/Web Connect file.

  4. After the file has been downloaded, customize your Quicken settings for this account. When you’re satisfied, select Continue.

  5. You can either add additional Checking/Savings accounts at this time, or complete setup, by selecting the appropriate action.

To import future transactions, locate the Accounts menu item and select Update All Online Accounts. This will provide you with a window detailing the last import date, along with other transaction details. Selecting the Update option next to the appropriate account will send you to, where you can log into your Online


Frequently Asked Questions