Eight Credit Do’s and Don’ts During the Loan Process

Good credit is critical when it comes to obtaining the best interest rates and terms on a mortgage.


Eight Credit Do’s and Don’ts During the Loan Process

Here are some credit do's and don'ts to keep in mind when looking for a mortgage loan.

  1. Do Stay Current On Existing Accounts – One 30-day notice can hurt you.
  2. Do Continue To Use Your Credit As Normal – Changing your pattern will raise a red flag and lower your credit score.
  3. Do Call Your Mortgage Professional – Rely on your Mortgage Professional with questions and before making any address or credit changes.
  4. Don't Apply For New Credit – Every time you have your credit pulled by a potential creditor or lender, you can lose points from your credit score. This includes co-signing for a loan.
  5. Don't Close Credit Card Accounts – If you close a credit card account, it may appear that your debt ratio has gone up. Closing a card will affect other factors in the score, including credit history.
  6. Don't Max Out Credit Cards – Try to keep your credit card balances 30% below their limit during the loan process. If you pay down balances, do it across the board.
  7. Don't Pay Off Collections Or “Charge-Offs” – If you want to pay off old accounts, do it through escrow. Request a “letter of deletion” from the creditor. 
  8. Don't Consolidate Your Debt – When you consolidate all of your debt onto one or two credit cards, it will appear that you are “maxed out” on that card and you will be penalized. 
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