Contact your bank, financial institutions, and creditors

  • If you believe you are the victim of a financial scam and your North Shore Bank account is involved, call us immediately at 877-672-2265 to speak with our Customer Support Team.
  • Speak with the fraud department and explain that someone has stolen your identity.
  • Request to close or freeze any accounts that may have been tampered with or fraudulently established.
  • Make sure to change your online login credentials, passwords, and PINs.

Secure your email and other communication accounts

  • Many people often reuse passwords, and your email or cell phone account may be compromised as well.
  • Immediately change your accounts’ passwords and implement multi-factor authentication — a setting that prevents cybercriminals from accessing your accounts, even if they know your password — if you haven’t already done so.

Check your credit reports and place a fraud alert on them

  • Get a free copy of your credit report from or call 877-322-8228.
  • Review your credit report to make sure unauthorized accounts have not been opened in your name.
  • Report any fraudulent accounts to the appropriate financial institutions.
  • Place a fraud alert on your credit by contacting one of the three credit bureaus. That company must tell the other two.

Additional Steps You can Take

Contact ChexSystems at 888-478-6536  to place a security alert on the compromised checking and savings accounts when a deposit account has been impacted. Or, make your report to ChexSystems online.

Contact the Federal Trade Commission to report an ID Theft incident by visiting or calling 877-438-4338.
File a report with your local law enforcement. Contact your local Police Department and file a report. Get a copy of the report to submit to your creditors and others that may require proof of the crime.

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