Avoid Becoming a Victim of Card Skimming

Three steps you can use to protect your debit and credit card activity.

9/29/2016 1:55:00 PM
Three steps you can use to protect your debit and credit card activity.

Security is a top priority for North Shore Bank and we take seriously any concerns of fraudulent activities. Due to the increased use of skimmer devices by criminals, we have trained and put our staff on high alert.

You too can take steps to protect your card activity.

We diligently check ATMs for any type of suspicion device that is near or attached to the card reader… but criminals can move quickly and you need to be alert to skimming devices and take steps to protect your card activity.
  1. Do not use your card at an ATM, gas station, or retail store that’s card reader appears to have been tampered with. These machines may have been manipulated by criminals using skimming devices to steal your card information. If you notice anything suspicious, contact your bank or card issuing company.
  2. To avoid becoming a victim, we suggest taking a closer look at the ATM to check for a skimming device over the card reader slot. The device may have been attached using glue that can be removed easily. Gently tug on the card reader and if you find that it comes loose, you should not use the machine. Also, it is a good idea to cover the ATM pin-pad with one hand when entering your PIN as an added precaution, in case an unauthorized camera has been mounted near the machine.
  3. The best advice is for people to be proactive and check their accounts regularly for inconstancy. If there is an inconsistency, you should contact your financial institution immediately. We are more than willing to work with them to look into the matter and help them resolve the unauthorized transaction. 

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