Smart Household Gadgets

These devices can play a key role in managing your home efficiently.

10/31/2014 11:31:11 AM
Technology serves a variety of functions in our daily lives, many of which have to do with efficiency and convenience. In a world dominated by smartphones, tablets and computers, there are other devices that can enhance the overall effectiveness of household management. Here are five "smart" household gadgets to consider in the future.
The Nest
The home thermostat is not necessarily a new innovation, but with today's smart technology, it was inevitable that this device would eventually be controlled remotely. This particular gadget is described as a "learning" thermostat, as it's able to adjust to different schedules and settings, depending on the environment and programmed controls. In addition, the Nest can be controlled from a smartphone. The Nest retails for $249, and more information is available at
Smart refrigerator
You have your TV screen, laptop screen, tablet screen and smartphone screen. Now, you can have a refrigerator screen. One such model is made by Samsung, and in addition to many of the standard features that are part of today's refrigerators, it has an eight-inch Wi-Fi enabled LCD screen. The screen features a number of handy apps. This particular model sells for $3,599, and more data can be found at
Fitbit Aria scale
It used to be that you could weigh yourself and forget the number. Now, there is the Fitbit Aria smart scale, which syncs wirelessly with your computer and uploads data. The scale can be combined with other Fitbit tracking devices to create a comprehensive fitness strategy. This particular scale retails for $129.99, and more information on this innovative gadget can be found at
Having a hard time grilling and paying attention to your guests at the same time? Never fear because the iGrill is here. This gadget plugs into your meat, and broadcasts the internal temperature to the corresponding smartphone app. This allows the griller to be aware of when meat needs to be flipped or removed while at the same time having the freedom to do other things. The iGrill Mini retails for $39.99 and more information is available at
Smart lock
Security is always a concern for homeowners, and now there is a way to add a smart element to door locks. The Goji Smart Lock takes pictures of visitors outside the door and sends them to your smartphone. This device can be programmed so that particular visitors are allowed entry, either in general or at particular times of the day. Retail price for this gadget is $299 for one lock, and more information is available at
Will gadgets eventually run every facet of our house? Time will tell, but some of these devices may be the start of a more automated age.

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