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Have You Heard of These Eight Sales Tips?

Have You Heard of These Eight Sales Tips?

Some powerful sales tips are obvious, while others are subtle and largely unknown

Have You Heard of These Eight Sales Tips?

Your sales coach or sales team leader will likely tell you the best ways to make a sale are to be confident, know your product and have a daily goal for how many prospects to contact. However, these are not the only important factors to consider in sales.
A December 2013 article in Forbes by Ken Krogue, president and founder of, and a June 2016 article in Entrepreneur by Timo Rein, co-founder and president of Pipedrive, share some of the best little-known sales techniques and practices from the experts.

  1. Enchant your customers with a story; be passionate and get invested in your customers’ needs — Changing people’s hearts, minds and actions gives them a different way to do things and you have the other person’s best interests at heart too.
  2. Provide more than just a list of the benefits and features of your product — Don’t start with what makes you unique; lead to it.
  3. Know when not to talk — Mike Bosworth, author of Solution Selling, added that salespeople should offer a story instead of simply telling buyers what they need to do.
  4. Use powerful sales networks to keep track of your competition — Ask your sales reps to monitor the competition on LinkedIn, and use the information they learn to your advantage. You can also add this information to a spreadsheet to help find potential prospects, and to share potentially lost deals with your sales team to help them improve their future pitches.
  5. Know when using social media is appropriate and when it’s not — Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools said that some of the more popular sites, like Facebook and Twitter, don’t necessarily help with sales and can actually hurt productivity if they’re not used the right way. Try using only those that help you sell more.
  6. Be creative from the get-go in how you get a prospect’s attention — According to John Wall, host of “Marketing Over Coffee,” your email subject line is extremely important, so making it humorous or personal can really help with open rate.
  7. Time is your biggest resource; get to “no” faster by making prospects feel comfortable — Rein added that telling a potential customer that you think you know what their problems are, and how your product can help, may be a good lead in before offering a demonstration and getting them more comfortable with you.
  8. Pay more attention to body language than to your sales pitch — Rein recommended that you make sure you know your sales pitch so you can read body language and facial expression.
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