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Top Tools for Online Banking

Top Tools for Online Banking

Use these tools to improve your money management

When it comes to managing your money, there’s nothing that simplifies your finances like online banking. There are a host of helpful, convenient and time-saving features that are available when you make the switch to banking online. If you’ve found yourself hesitating to join the online banking trend, consider these great features and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.
Keeping track of your finances has come a long way from the old pen and checkbook. Whether you’re Internet-savvy or still learning your way around the web, there are tools that can take your finances into the next generation:
Automatic bill-pay: You’ll never have to worry about buying stamps or writing checks again, thanks to automatic bill pay. This feature allows you to schedule online payments for any number of bills, and the money comes directly out of your account.
View statements at any time: Eliminate the clutter of paper statements by opting to receive your statements online via email. Not only will this clear up your file drawer, but you also can easily look back on old statements whenever you need to.
Online check images:There are still times when a physical check is necessary, and with the benefit of online check images, you can easily confirm whom a check was written to and when it was cashed.
Link and transfer between accounts: Many financial institutions allow you to link your various accounts, such as checking and savings, so you can easily transfer money between the two. You can even set up automatic transfers, just like automatic bill pay, so depositing into your savings account couldn’t be simpler.

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Enhanced security: One of the leading reasons people hesitate to switch to online banking is that they fear their money isn’t secure. Many financial institutions go to extra lengths to ensure that your finances are safe, including using multiple levels of security for account log-in and monitoring potential fraudulent behavior in your spending.
According to Manisha Thakor of, 80 percent of American households have made the switch to banking online. Many individuals, however, aren’t using online banking tools to their full potential. Features like viewing and paying your bills online from literally anywhere allow you to stay much more organized by eliminating the potential for losing or forgetting to pay bills.

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