Protect Yourself from Fraud and ID Theft by Staying Informed

Guard yourself with these tips from North Shore Bank

5/1/2014 9:30:00 AM
The best way to fight being taken by scammers is to use common sense, watch your account activity, and stay informed. We are here for you, and understand how important your identity is to you. You can count on us to continually monitor security threats and keep you informed of current scams that can affect you. Read these helpful tips for reducing risks.

Be Wary of Debit / Credit Card Scam Calls and Text Messages

You may receive a phone call or text stating that your debit card has been locked out, deactivated, compromised or stolen. This is an attempt to retrieve your account information. Be on alert:
  • DO NOT RESPOND to these suspicious calls and text messages. North Shore Bank will NEVER ask you for your PIN number or full debit card number to verify personal financial data in an email, text message or phone call.
  • CONTACT Customer Support at 877.672.2265 for assistance if you have supplied your information, and please note the number that you were instructed to call.

10 Tips to Lower Your Risk of Fraud and ID Theft

Protecting your financial security starts with protecting your identity.
  1. SHRED all credit card, ATM receipts, and documents with personal data (including pre-approved credit card offers received in the mail, documents that may contain your bank account numbers, cancelled checks, old statements, etc.)
  2. DO NOT respond to email, telephone, or text solicitations asking for PIN or account information. DO NOT OPEN email messages from any company, person, or email address you don’­t know or don't have an account with. Simply opening and deleting can make you vulnerable to fraud.
  3. BE AWARE of email and text messages with urgent subject lines, and calls that claim urgency. These are attempts to generate a quick emotional reaction. Do not respond.
  4. QUESTION email links and be cautious of downloading software from unknown websites. If anyone asks you for an account or debit/credit card number, do not give it out.
  5. MAKE SURE you know and can verify the vendor when making an online purchase with your debit/credit card.
  6. AVOID Internet scam sites stating employment opportunities, dating sites or sales of items. They may deceitfully ask for a portion of your money to be sent back or to a different person.
  7. CREATE STRONG PASSWORDS that differ and are difficult to decode, and change them often.
  8. DO NOT USE an ATM that looks like it's been tampered with or is broken.
  9. CHECK all credit card and bank statements for accuracy each month. Easily review your bank statements at any time with our free Online Banking and eStatements services.
  10. CONTACT US directly if you are suspicious of any contact that appears to be from North Shore Bank. Call Customer Support at 877.672.2265 or stop by your neighborhood office.

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