Pulaski Finishes Up Renovations, Now Offers More to Customers

3/13/2019 10:00:00 AM

Pulaski Finishes Up Renovations, Now Offers More to CustomersOur Pulaski branch recently completed major renovations, sprucing up its appearance and offering more options and benefits to customers.

The remodeling, which began in October, brings the over 30-year-old branch into line with our newer offices. Pulaski now sports an open-concept lobby, as well as new walls, carpet, lighting, signage, and furniture. Other additions include a self-service coin counting machine, an interactive “knowledge desk,” WiFi, and videoconferencing capabilities. The branch’s exterior was also improved.

The biggest change outside was our switch from a traditional drive-thru to a video teller drive-thru. This allows our customers extended service hours – 70-hour, seven-day-a-week banking.

The office remained open during normal business hours throughout the renovations and we appreciate our customers’ patience as they did their banking in small spaces with loud noises. The progress customers experience with each visit sparked many conversations, and now with the work done, the response has been positive.

Customers have commented on how bright and beautiful the branch looks and they are enjoying some of the new items in the branch — especially the Keurig coffee machine and cookies!

Our branch team has been enjoying their new space, and they are excited to host an open house and 30th Anniversary Celebration for the community this week. North Shore Bank is grateful for the opportunity to serve customers in Pulaski for the past three decades and looks forward to many more years serving the people in in Pulaski.