Three Family-Focused New Year's Resolutions

Start the New Year off right with these family-centric resolutions

1/11/2018 4:08:16 PM
Each New Year’s Eve you probably draft a few resolutions to tackle, and like most people, you effectively break or abandon these good intentions before the month of January is over. Making a change, breaking a habit or incorporating a new routine is exceptionally difficult, especially if you are going at it alone.

So, this year, why not involve your biggest support team and make some family-focused resolutions to benefit everyone?

1. Be Explorers

Sometimes it’s hard to know what great adventures are waiting for you in your own backyard because there’s just no time to go out and see them. But, if you make a family-focused New Year’s resolution to see what your neighborhood, town or city has to offer, you might be surprised at the riches you discover.

Encourage your family to put down the electronic devices and get back to nature. Take a walk around the neighborhood, or find a trail at a local park. Other considerations include a trip to a local museum, a visit to your town’s art gallery or a ticket to a community concert or live musical performance.

2.Focus On Health

The goal to “eat better and get healthy” is a common New Year’s resolution, but it is easily forgotten when life gets hectic and you find yourself reaching for a fast food meal for your on-the-go family. Since completely revamping your family’s meal plan can be overwhelming, focus on making smaller modifications.

“Think you can pick up a cookbook of easy low-fat meals and find a few you like? Can you work more salad and veggies into the meals you already serve?” asks writer Jeanie Lerche Davis. “It's those simple changes that you make, implementing them one at a time, that have the best chance of catching on and becoming habit.”

Too many cooks in the kitchen is not a problem when it comes to improving your family’s nutrition. Make meal planning and prep a family affair with a family trip to the grocery store and by enrolling your children in a cooking class so they can learn how to be your assistant chefs.

3. Support a Worthy Cause

Teaching your children to give back by volunteering their time, talents and energy is an important and lifelong lesson.

Look for a local organization that welcome kids as volunteers. Other ways to volunteer could involve walking or running a 5k for a cause that is meaningful to your family, picking up litter in your neighborhood or writing letters to service members that are deployed.

As a family, choose a worthy cause you to which you would like to devote your attention. While you’re volunteering your time to help others, you’ll be strengthening your bond as a family and teaching your children that they can make a difference in their community.

There is strength and success in numbers. So, this year, instead of being a lone wolf resolution-maker, focus on family-resolutions for a healthy and happy new year, all year long.

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