Online Banking Alerts

Banking on the Internet is safer than you think


The conveniences of the Internet are well known to nearly everyone at this point. In contrast, some people are still wary of doing their banking online. However, when you opt into online banking and bill pay eAlerts, you can eliminate fear from the process.

eAlert Benefits

Free to North Shore Bank customers using Online Banking, eAlerts are messages sent via e-mail that — as the name suggests — alert you of a pre-determined activity on your account. These alerts can notify you after something has happened, so you can keep an eye on your account balances and respond, plus you can be alerted to when checks have cleared.
There are many advantages of signing up for an alert notification service that is personalized to your needs. The advantages include the possibility of saving money in the form of late and overdraft fees, and thus protecting your finances and credit score, the ability to take a stronghold on your financial life, and the peace of mind regarding your banking. The best part is that these services are free.

Mortgage Rate eAlerts

Featured Mortgage Rate Feed - If you're in the initial stages of shopping for a loan, you can subscribe to our featured mortgage rate RSS feed, which will update whenever these specific rates change.

Rate Watch - Interested in knowing when a loan rate fits your specific needs? Sign up for mortgage rate eAlerts and we’ll email you current rates and information for all of our loan types based on criteria you've selected.

Staying up-to-date on your accounts and current interest rates is easy with North Shore Bank eAlerts.

Setting up eAlerts will simplify your banking and put you in control of your money. 

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