Frequently Asked Questions

Can the credit score in My Credit Score differ from other credit monitoring apps or loan applications?

My Credit Score is a credit monitoring tool we provide to you at no cost to learn more about how your financial decisions impact your credit score. You can expect your score to be different because we consider additional credit factors in your loan application that are not available in this tool that may result in a different score. 

My Credit Score uses the Vantage Score 3.0 scoring model and pulls your credit profile from Trans Union. There are additional credit factors we consider when reviewing your loan application by using a FICO scoring model. The use of different scoring models is why you see a difference in your scores. 

No scoring models are identical, but are directionally the same. If your score goes up based on your credit activity in My Credit Score, you might see an increase in the scores we pull for loan applications as well.

Frequently Asked Questions