Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the best image of the check using Mobile Deposit?

  • Flatten the check and place it on a dark, non-reflective surface. Make sure there is enough light to distinguish the check from the background.
  • Line up the check with the horizontal and vertical guides provided.
  • The camera will automatically take the picture.
  • The image will be displayed for you to review. If it is not readable, click "Retake" to retake the picture of the check.
  • If you can read the details on the check, click "Use Photo" to keep the image. If our system can't correctly interpret the writing on your check, you can always deposit your check at any branch or ATM.
  • Make sure you have endorsed the back of the check and include the statement "For Mobile Deposit" with your signature.

Message and data rates may apply when using the Mobile App.

Frequently Asked Questions