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Financial Statement  

Statement of Financial Condition

Statement of Condition

September 30, 2016 (In Thousands)


  Cash and Investments $296,218
  Loans Receivable 1,354,642
  Federal Home Loan Bank Stock 11,822
  Premises and Equipment 40,343
  Other Assets 51,274
Total Assets $1,754,299


  Deposits $1,469,498
  Borrowed Funds 0
  Escrow 19,849
  Other Liabilities 38,635

Net Worth

Total Liabilities and Net Worth $1,754,299



Statement of Operations

September 30, 2016 (In Thousands)

Interest Income

  Interest on Investments $4,056
  Interest on Loans 55,486

Interest Expense

  Interest on Deposits $5,068
  Interest on Borrowed Funds 2,771
Net Interest Income $51,703

Non-Interest Income

  Service Charges and Fees $12,110
  Gain on Sale of Loans 2,134
  Other 5,170

Non-Interest Expense

  Salaries & Benefits $32,431
  Occupancy and Equipment 9,029
  Advertising and Promotion 2,393
  Data Processing 2,737
  Other 15,286
Income Before Taxes 9,241
Income Taxes 3,697
Net Income $5,544
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