We'll help you HELOC like a pro. Home Equity Line of Credit.

Consolidate to a lower fixed rate. Home Equity Line of Credit. Apply Online.

Cash in on the equity of your home. While paying down your mortgage, your house has become a source of affordable cash. With a Home Equity Line of Credit from North Shore Bank, you can use that equity to pay off bills, tackle improvements, or prepare for the unexpected.

Apply for a HELOC by July 31, 2024 and enjoy a low 5.85% APR through the following August 31, 2025.

If you’re not sure what dollar amount to request for your Line of Credit, use our HELOC Estimator Calculator. You will be asked to provide your home’s value and outstanding mortgage balance. North Shore Bank offers HELOCs up to 80% of your home’s value.

We'll help you HELOC like a pro. Home Equity Line of Credit. Apply Online.

Ready to tackle that project? Considering a large purchase? Use your Home Equity Line of Credit and then convert your balance to a fixed rate loan, locking in a low rate now and paying it off each month. As you make payments, the amount of available credit on your line increases.
Apply online for a new Home Equity Line of Credit today or schedule an appointment to talk with a banker. You can easily access your line of credit through Online Banking transfers to use your funds the way you choose when you need it.

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Apply by 7/31/2024. New Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) customers get 5.85% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) fixed rate through 8/31/2025. Existing HELOC customers can qualify for the promotional rate by applying to increase their current HELOC by at least $15,000 and drawing $15,000 at the time of loan closing. Auto-pay from North Shore Bank deposit account required to receive promotional rate. As of 5/8/2024, the non-promotional rate is 8.24% APR for a line more than $25,000 and assumes a no-closing-cost transaction with a loan-to-value not to exceed 80% and auto-pay from a North Shore Bank deposit account. This home equity line of credit is a variable-rate loan with a maximum rate of 19.90% APR and a minimum rate of 4.00% APR after the promotional rate expires. The variable rate is Wall Street Journal Prime rate plus a margin, depending on the loan amount, with a floor rate of 4.00%. Early termination fee applies. Homeowners insurance is required. Paying the minimum interest-only monthly payments will not repay the principal that is outstanding on your line; you will be required to pay the entire outstanding balance in a single payment (balloon payment) at the end of the initial 10-year loan term, at the end of any extensions or renewals granted by North Shore Bank, or when you terminate the line. A $60 annual fee may apply. Closing costs may be charged for loans exceeding $100,000. Subject to loan approval. For new Home Equity Lines of Credit only.