North Shore Bank implements many security measures within our Online Banking system.

Secure Server Encryption

Your Online Banking user ID and password are encrypted at the moment the "Log In" button is pressed. Once you are in the Online Banking section of our Web site, you will notice a small padlock icon in the lower right hand status bar of your Internet browser. This indicates that the section that you are viewing is secure. To ensure that the connection that you are viewing is secure, it is good practice to click on the padlock icon, and verify that the URL on the certificate matches the URL of the site/page you are viewing.

Encryption is the process of transforming data into a form called cyphertext, which is unreadable to anyone except those who possess the decryption key. Encryption uses a mathematical formula to decrypt data. Because 256-bit encryption is used, there are trillions of possible combinations, making it impossible to duplicate the key. A certain key (a unique number) can only decrypt messages.

Account Number "Masking"

To make sure your personal information stays personal, your account numbers are masked in Online Banking. This feature only displays the last 4 digits of any account number you may be viewing. This is helpful if you check your account balances in public areas, such as an Internet cafe or a library.

To allow you to remember what specific account you are looking at, we have provided the ability to "nickname" your accounts. This can be accessed by, first logging into your account and then selecting the "Change Nicknames" item from the "Options" button at the upper right side of your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions