Debit Card eAlerts help you monitor and stay informed about transaction activity on your card. You can also temporarily lock your debit card to prevent unauthorized use. 
  • Use eAlerts to detect fraudulent activity on your card
  • Receive eAlerts anytime, anywhere by sending eAlerts to your email or mobile phone
  • Create eAlerts for many different scenarios:
    • A transaction exceeds a dollar amount you choose
    • A purchase made online or by phone exceeds a dollar amount you choose
    • An international transaction exceeds a dollar amount you choose
    • A transaction is declined
    • A cash transaction occurred (ATM withdrawal or cash advance)
    • A transaction occurred outside a specified time of day you choose
  • Ability to lock or unlock your card, in the event you feel your card has been compromised

  • From the Debit Card eAlerts Registration page, click the Register/Manage button
  • Each time you wish to manage/create eAlerts, you will need to enter your debit card number, accept the terms and conditions, and answer a few questions about your debit card
  • From there, you can create new eAlerts, manage existing eAlerts as well as lock and unlock your card


Frequently Asked Questions