North Shore Bank’s loan limit for Jumbo Loans has increased to $525,000; which is higher than the limit from the Federal Housing Finance Agency. If you're ready to make a big move, contact us today to learn about jumbo loans and whether they are the right home financing solution for your financial situation.
  • Fixed and adjustable-rate loans
  • Available for single-family homes, townhomes, and condos
  • Primary residence and second/vacation homes are also eligible
  • Local underwriting



  • Names and addresses of employers for the last 2 years
  • Social Security numbers
  • Paystub for most recent full month with year-to-date earnings
  • Past 2 years W-2 form(s) and complete 1040 Federal Tax returns
  • Past 2 years of partnership 1065 tax returns (if applicable)
  • Past 2 years of corporation 1120 or 1120S Federal Tax forms (if applicable)


  • Last 2 months statements for checking/savings, 401(k), money markets, etc.
  • Documentation for any recent large deposits in accounts
  • Most recent statement for current mortgages (if applicable)

SPECIAL SITUATIONS (if applicable)

  • Bankruptcy papers (petition, discharge and schedules, letter of explanation)
  • Final divorce judgment and marital settlement agreement
  • Judgment or lien on your assets
  • Child support history showing no arrearage
  • Letter of explanation regarding all late payments and recent inquiries

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