When you enrolled in North Shore Bank’s Online Banking service or Mobile App for your personal accounts, you reviewed and accepted our Terms of Service. The updated version of the Terms of Service will go into effect November 16, 2022. Continued use of these services after November 16, 2022 demonstrates your agreement and acceptance of these changes.
No action is required on your part. This notice is simply to let you know that certain items in the Terms of Service will be updated.

Summary of Updates

  • General Terms for Each Service
    • Updated Section 23 (Errors, Questions and Complaints) for consistency with content in other Agreements.
    • Section 37h, added the definition of “You” and “Your” for clarity throughout this Agreement.
  • Bill Payment Service Additional Terms – Section 10 (Service Fees and Additional Charges), the term “fees” has been changed to “funds” in regard to there being insufficient funds in the Billing Account.
  • Zelle® and Other Payment Services Additional Terms Section 2a (Payment Authorization and Payment Remittance), content updated to add in user represents they are eighteen (18) years of age.
  • My Card Manager – Added a new section containing the Terms of Service for My Card Manager. You will receive more information from us when this service is live.
  • My Cash Back Rewards Program – This section was removed due to the discontinuation of the program effective September 1, 2022.
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