You Can Financial Literacy Series

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Discover what Checking Account might be right for you by answering a few questions.

How do you track and manage your household expenses?

I track everything on my computer or using a financial app like Mint.
I don’t keep track of my expenses. I just check my bank account online when I need to know how much.
I keep my receipts and list them in a notebook or a check register when I remember to do so.

How often are you able to stick to your monthly budget?

Sometimes. I only exceed when unexpected expenses come up or when I need to make big purchases.
All the time. I project each month’s expenses and make adjustments accordingly, and I have savings to cover unforeseen expenses.
Rarely. I often have to use my credit card or really cut back at the end of a pay period to make it through.

How much debt do you have?

I have a lot on my credit cards. It can be hard to pay down the balance.
I have a lot of debt for things like student loans and/or my car. I sometimes have trouble paying my bills on time. 
I have some debt for things like student loans and/or my car, but I always pay my bills on time.
I don’t have any debt.

What’s in your investment portfolio?

I have a 401k through my work.
I have some mutual funds and I dabble a bit in the stock market and/or use a tool like Acorns.
I like to keep a variety of investments, including insurance, mutual funds, stocks, and bonds.
I haven't started to invest yet.

Where do you get information about financial matters?

I follow some websites or blogs and watch videos to get information.
My family and friends help when I have financial questions.
I have taken courses on financial management and/or consult with a financial professional.

Do you set financial goals for yourself?

Yes, definitely. By setting goals, I stay on track.
I’d like to, but I’m pretty much living paycheck to paycheck.
I try to, but I don’t always reach my goals.

What are your financial goals?

Check all that apply.

I want to have an actual savings/emergency fund.
I want to get out of debt.
I want to start investing.
I want to buy a house.
I want to have a child/family and be able to provide for them.
I have no financial goals.