Frequently Asked Questions

Why get pre-approved before shopping for a home?

Getting pre-approved with North Shore Bank is a great first step for homebuyers. In just a few minutes online, you’ll have your credit evaluated and learn how much money you have available to buy a home – no cost, no obligation.

Even better, you’ll receive a pre-approval letter that lets you move fast when the right home comes along. That can be a big advantage in a competitive housing market, where the best homes often get multiple offers the same day they’re listed.

With pre-approval in hand, you can:

  • Shop with confidence, knowing what you can afford and having the freedom to focus on a great home
  • Show real estate agents that you’re ready to buy, resulting in hot leads on homes just coming on the market
  • Offer sellers a fast and easy sale, setting your offer apart from other buyers

Above all, pre-approval gives you options. You can always go to another real estate agent or offer sellers a “take it or leave it” price in hopes of a great deal. And it only takes a few minutes to begin. Get pre-approved today and you’re on your way.


Frequently Asked Questions