Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my chances of getting a mortgage?

Financing a home of your own might seem like only a dream. But dreams can come true with these basic tips.

  1. Document your finances. Look at how you spend your paycheck, including credit card or student loan payments. If you can keep your monthly debt obligations below 43% of your income, you have a better chance of qualifying for a mortgage.
  2. Don’t put it off. It costs nothing to meet with our mortgage professionals and decide if you’re ready financially. We can also show you mortgage programs that might fit your unique needs. 
  3. Maintain good credit. If your credit score is around 620 or below, talk to us about ways you can raise it before applying for a mortgage.
  4. Avoid new debt. Don’t get new credit cards or make big purchases with plastic that can drive down your credit score.
  5. Save toward a down payment. A down payment of just 5% can make all the difference in getting approved if your credit score isn’t the best.
  6. Find a co-signer. If you can’t qualify for a mortgage on your own, having a co-signer can help compensate for less-than-perfect credit.


At North Shore Bank we’re happy to help you start on the path to home ownership. Call us at 877-672-2265 today, or apply online for a mortgage right now.


Frequently Asked Questions