Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refinance my current mortgage?

Many homeowners refinance with North Shore Bank to reduce monthly payments, slash years off their loan term, get cash out and save many thousands of dollars in interest.

Refinancing your home often makes financial sense if:

  • You can save at least a point or two off your current interest rate
  • Your credit score has improved and you qualify for a lower rate
  • Your financial situation has changed and you need lower payments – or you can now afford larger payments

A good place to start is by checking our rates and comparing them to your current mortgage. You might end up pocketing big savings over the life of the loan, or owning your house free and clear much sooner. Use our refinancing calculator to assess potential savings and break-even points.

To find out more, apply online with no obligation. Refinancing with North Shore Bank is quick and easy, with no appraisal required, and our loan officers are happy to discuss your options.


Frequently Asked Questions