Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other products at North Shore Bank that can enhance my mortgage?

When you apply for a mortgage at North Shore Bank, you can also take advantage of other products to save money and increase your financial flexibility.

For example, you’ll get a discount on closing costs for a new mortgage loan when you open a North Shore Bank checking account.

And every eligible mortgage applicant is also considered for a home equity line of credit at no obligation – offering an essential tool for financial flexibility and peace of mind in your new home.

  • Instant buying power for major expenses, no questions asked 
  • Easy access with funds transferred directly to your North Shore Bank checking account
  • Lower interest rates and easier payments than credit cards 
  • Less impact on your monthly cash flow

There’s more to your financial picture than a mortgage, so at North Shore Bank we offer more ways to benefit. Contact our loan professionals to learn more, or call us at 877-677-2265.


Frequently Asked Questions