Frequently Asked Questions

How is Greenlight different from a traditional debit card?

Greenlight is bigger than a debit card, and it was built with families in mind.

Yes, it’s a debit card for kids, managed by parents. But it’s also a powerful mobile app that lets parents easily manage and see where, when, and how much kids spend while helping them learn to manage their money.

It’s three different accounts in one – Spend, Save, and Give. A digital chore board. A saving-motivation machine. A set of flexible parental controls you won’t get from most banks. And a simple, clear view of your child’s financial world, complete with real-time transaction alerts. All in one app.

Greenlight lets parents:
  • Transfer money instantly to kids
  • Turn the card off via the app, if needed
  • Receive alerts whenever the card is used
  • Set store-level spend controls to help kids learn to budget
  • Automate allowance payments
  • Manage chores (and instantly reward a job well done)

Frequently Asked Questions