Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my business credit card for Visa Business Reporting?

Visa Business Reporting makes it easier to manage your expenses. It lets you access your Visa credit card transactions via desktop browser or mobile app so you can track spending and stay on budget — at work or on the go. Free up more time to run your business.

Key benefits

  • Access Visa Business Reporting via desktop or mobile app from your iOS or Android device
    • Add notes to each transaction or attach documents like photos of your receipts
    • Get transaction notifications with the mobile app so you can add notes or receipts after you make a purchase
    • Customize transaction categories to track spending with ease
    • Split transactions into multiple categories by dollar amount or percentage
    • Run reports on demand or on a schedule to track and compare spending
  • Card management
    • Time controls - Block days of the week or times of day
    • Category controls - Block specific spending categories
    • Location controls - Block transactions outside the U.S. or in specific states
    • Spending controls - Block transactions exceeding an established max, or internet and phone transactions

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Frequently Asked Questions