Frequently Asked Questions

I completed the process to open a deposit account online. What's next?

After successfully submitting your application online, you'll receive an email from North Shore Bank confirming that we are reviewing your application. This email is not an approval that a new account is opened. You will hear back from us within 24-48 business hours by either phone or email on the status of your account. 

Depending on how the processing of your application proceeds you will receive additional emails:
  • More Information Needed For Your Application (Pending) - this email instructs you to contact us to gather additional information. 
  • Welcome to North Shore Bank! - informs you that your new account is open. NOTE: This email contains your new account number. Your account number is the Application ID number. 
  • Please Validate Your Account - informs you of the steps to take to make your initial deposit to your new account.
  • Onboarding Emails - provides information about your new account and additional products and services North Shore Bank offers. 

Watch your email for these and other pertinent communications regarding the status of your application.  We may also reach out by phone if additional questions arise during the application review process.

Frequently Asked Questions