Frequently Asked Questions

How to I make a deposit at an ATM?

North Shore Bank’s ATMs will guide you through making a deposit or withdrawal. As ATM functionality varies, we recommend visiting our ATM & Branch Locator to learn about the capabilities of the ATMs near you. 
Generally, here are the steps to take when making a deposit:
  1. Insert your debit card and enter your PIN.
  2. Select if you want a receipt with your transaction.
  3. Select Deposit.
  4. Select the account you want to receive your deposit. 
  5. It will prompt you that you can deposit cash, checks, or both. Then, click Continue.
  6. Insert your cash and/or checks. No envelope or deposit slip is required.
  7. A summary of your cash and checks will show up on the screen and you will be asked to confirm the dollar amount of the total deposit.
  8. Take your debit card and receipt (if you chose to have one printed in step 2).

Frequently Asked Questions