Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for account alerts?

Set up account alert push, text, and/or email notifications in the Mobile App:
  1. Locate Alerts under Quick Links or on the More page.
  2. Turn on Push Notifications and then select Account Alerts.
  3. Next, choose an account and select Add new alert.
  4. Select the type of alert and set its criteria.
  5. Under Delivery Methods, activate push notification, email, and/or text message and select Save.
View a demo of Account Alerts in the Mobile App.

Set up email and/or text account alerts from Online Banking:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Security Center > Account and Security Alerts.
  2. Use the Manage Alerts tab to choose and customize the alerts you want. You will also choose the accounts you would like the alert placed on and what email address or phone number you want them sent to.
View a demo of Account Alerts in Online Banking.