North Shore Bank is committed to keeping you informed as COVID-19 continues to impact our businesses, families, and communities.
WWBIC (Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation) has resources for small businesses affected by COVID-19 and their message is shared below. We will continue to keep you updated as information becomes available in this rapidly changing environment. Visit our website for a full list of resources available for our business clients.  
We understand that there are challenges and uncertainties and you can count on us to be there for you and your business. We appreciate your continued confidence in North Shore Bank.

WWBIC is open – virtually to all!    
WWBIC has moved our business and financial educational programming on-line and on-demand. Check out our offerings at: 
WWBIC is working with federal, state and of course you, our local elected officials, to support our many WWBIC borrowers, entrepreneurs and businesses in need of loan capital now! 
  1. We are offering current WWBIC loan clients affected by COVID-19 loan modification options.  In some cases, these small business owners may have options for deferments, interest payments being covered, and direct grant support for payroll and rent.  For more information contact Jaime Charon, Director of Portfolio Management and Loan Operations: or WWBIC Servicing at
  1. For current and new small business clients, we are offering fast tracked loans up to $25,000!  For more information, please contact Michael Hetzel, Director of Lending:
  1.  Don’t forget about KIVA!  Kiva is now offering $15,000 loans statewide.
    1. General information can be found here:
    2. Business owners looking to borrow, should follow this link:
    3. for a WWBIC endorsement or for assistance with this project, please send an email to
For over 30 years we have provided such support to entrepreneurs and business owners in your community. We look forward to being part of the solution and to continue offering this support during these difficult and unprecedented times! 

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