2.99% APR Auto Refinance Special

Refi your ride and save! Are your monthly car payments taking a big bite out of your budget? North Shore Bank can help you bring them down to size. Refinance your auto loan and use the extra cash to make this summer one to remember. 

•    2.99%APR for up to 60 months on used vehicles (up to 72 months for new vehicles)
•    Valid on loan amounts greater than $5,000
•    No annual fee
•    No application fees

Refinancing your auto loan from another lender with us is a smart, fast and easy way to reduce interest and lower monthly payments. And by paying less interest each month, you could end up saving a bundle over the life of the loan. Use the Auto Loan Refinance calculator below to see how much you could save.
Advertised Annual Percentage Rate (APR) available for well-qualified applicants to refinance 2016 and newer model year vehicles. Offer valid on new loans greater than $5,000 with a maximum term of 60 months for used vehicles and a maximum term of 72 months for new vehicles. Payments of $17.97 per $1,000 borrowed for 60 month term. Payments of $15.19 per $1,000 for 72 month term. Must be a new loan to North Shore Bank. Autos 2018 or newer will finance up to 100% of NADA value as determined by the bank. Autos 2016 & 2017 will finance up to 90% of NADA value as determined by the bank. Rate may vary based on your credit score. All loans subject to credit approval and underwriting guidelines apply. Cannot be combined with any other lending offers. Apply by 8/31/2021. Member FDIC.
Frequently Asked Questions

Images of canceled checks can be viewed, printed or saved at no charge through Online Banking or the Mobile App. Our Customer Support Team can also provide copies by mail, or you can visit your nearby branch to obtain a copy (fees may apply). 

Message and data rates may apply when using the Mobile App.

You can view your recent check orders through the Deluxe check reordering system. To log in, enter North Shore Bank's routing number (275071356), your checking account number, and your zip code.

Once you've logged in, select "My Orders" from the upper-right of your screen and your last five years of order history will be displayed.

The negative balance should be paid within 25 days. For assistance, you can contact Customer Support by email or by phone (877-672-2265 - 8 am - 7 pm CST, Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 3 pm CST, Saturdays, & 10 am - 1 pm CST, Sundays).

The minimum balance required for a checking or savings account will vary depending on the type of account you have or would like to open.

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As long as you meet the monthly requirements for the account, you will not be charged a monthly maintenance fee. Please reference the Services & Fees Schedule for Personal Accounts for information on monthly maintenance fees.

Current customers can open a new savings or checking account within Online Banking (web-based). To start the process, log in to Online Banking, and click on Online Account Opening from the Services box. 

New customers can open a new savings or checking account online in just a few minutes. Get started now.

For those who prefer the human touch, drop by any branch or go online to schedule an appointment

When taking a picture of your photo ID, keep these tips in mind:

    • make sure the ID fills the complete frame size on your screen
    • make sure your ID is on a dark surface
    • make sure you have ample light

You can also manually enter any information that does not automatically upload from your photo ID.

When restoring a saved application, it may take a few minutes to retrieve your information.

You can open both personal checking and personal savings accounts through our online account opening process.  If you’d like to open a business account, please contact a North Shore Bank Business Banker.

Not to worry! You have up to 10 days to complete your application after it’s been started and you can save your progress and resume later. Also, you can begin your application on your smartphone and continue it on your desktop or laptop, or vice versa.

To save your application progress, enter your email address to receive a link to resume your application later.

If you don’t have your ID on-hand, or are having trouble uploading your photo ID, you can enter in your personal information manually.

Your personal photos are securely retained throughout the application process and they are retained with your online application.

While you can open multiple checking or savings accounts using the same email address, you cannot have more than one unfinished or “in-progress” account application using the same email address.

While we don’t require a photo of you, it's recommended that you provide a photo of yourself for security reasons and to assist in making the application process more efficient.

Your check may clear for a different amount if the written amount was different than the written numerical amount. Due to security reasons, we are unable to provide all the specifics, please contact our Customer Support Team at 877-672-2265 or come into your local office.

Please report missing checks immediately. We will place a lock on your account and help you set up a new account. Please contact our Customer Support Team at 877-672-2265 or come into your local office.

To place a stop payment on a check through Online Banking, select the appropriate checking account and then select Stop Payments. Fill out the required check details on the following screen, review, and submit your request.

Additionally, a stop payment request can be made by calling Customer Support at 877-672-2265.

For information about stop payment fees, please view the Services & Fees Schedule for Personal Accounts.

Cell Phone Protection is an exclusive benefit that North Shore Bank provides for Platinum Debit Card and Business Debit Card cardholders. As long as you pay your monthly cellular bill with your North Shore Bank Platinum or Business Debit Card, you are automatically covered for up to $600  ($1,000 Annually) – at no additional cost – if your phone is stolen or damaged1

Coverage includes the primary line and unlimited additional or supplemental lines on the monthly billing statement from your cellular provider.

For more detailed information, please view the appropriate Mastercard Guide to Benefits:

To help prevent overdrafts from occurring, we offer Overdraft Protection, which will automatically transfer funds from another North Shore Bank account or home equity line of credit that you own to cover the overdrawn balance.

Learn more about this service or visit your neighborhood North Shore Bank branch to sign up today.

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